Musical-Drama / 6m, 10f, ensemble / Interior / PG13 / runtime 2 hrs

Based around several backstories of adoption and set in present day DC metro area, this musical explores the definition of family and ones understanding of love. It also highlights the challenges and triumphs of adoption amidst six degrees of separation. Kids in a foster home, young adults unprepared for parenthood, mixed race adoption, married couple facing the realization that kids aren’t in their future, and teenagers forced by adults to give up their baby, are all showcased over the two hour production.  Sprinkled with comedy throughout, the audience will ride a wave of emotions, contemplating whether to root for or against several characters. Utilizing urban contemporary music from rap, to R&B, to dance/pop, and accompanied by 6 dance numbers this musical seeks to reimagine the typical theater experience with show stopping performance numbers. The closing song, “Together” serves as a constant reminder that we can achieve more when we are united than if we are divided which is a fitting end to a recurring theme throughout the musical.

About The Playwright:


Jason A. Ellis, is a native Jamaican who has been heavily involved in the arts, and performing since the age of two. He has trained, and performed with three arts companies in Jamaica, and competed in national performing arts competitions. When he moved to the United States in 2001, he quickly got engaged in the theater scene, first in Memphis, TN and now in the DC metro suburbs of Alexandria, VA. His passion for working with minority groups and those from a lower economic status has informed his writing, which he views as a tool to educate and empower. Though not expressly religious, his productions do take on a moral and faith-based tone, and generally lean on the side of comedic. He sees his writing as a platform to make social commentary and solicit candid conversations about heavily debatable subject matters. Having a background in theater, dance and voice, it is no surprise that he seeks to infuse all these art-forms in his theatrical productions, which never belie a distinctly Caribbean flavor. He credits his experience in performing in productions such as “Seven Guitars”, and “A Soldier’s Play”, in helping him develop his writing style. This production is the sixth in a series which examines the nuances and misnomers associated with various underserved groups in America, the previous productions being: “The Berg Diaries”, “Real Cuts”, “Promises”, “Senior Moments” and “U-Street”.

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